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A spectacular view awaits

To a seaside hideaway



A superb holiday on Dogashima.

We will wholeheartedly assist you in your trip with spectacular views and Nishi-Izu hospitality.

The entrance facing the road is actually on the 5th floor of the building.

From there, the structure descends downward along the quay.

There is nothing to stand in between you and the beautiful sunset slowly setting on the horizon.
You can enjoy this view not only from the restaurant and public bath, but also from most of the guest rooms.

At the bottom, closest to the shore of the waves, is the ``seaside open-air bath.''
Many customers are surprised by the closeness, which makes them unusable when the waves are rough.

During the day, in the evening, at night... I hope you will experience a surprising sense of freedom.

With open-air bath

The room

We offer rooms with a variety of tastes.

This hotel allows you to enjoy the view of Dogashima.

We also paid special attention to the guest rooms that offer a view of the inn.

From guest rooms with open-air baths, you can enjoy the view while taking an open-air bath instead of through the window.

You can enjoy the spectacular view of Dogashima.


Seasonal seafood grown in the sea of Izu,

Skilled techniques turn it into a colorful masterpiece.

Rich in quality and deep in taste,

You can fully enjoy it with your eyes and tongue...

That's a clear streamfood happinessis.

Seasonal flavors of spring, summer, fall and winter.
Meals can be served in your room or at a Japanese dining venue depending on the plan and number of people.

You can enjoy it in the banquet hall.
Izu-like cuisine centered around fresh seafood from local production areas

Please enjoy our creative cuisine.
Rare ingredients and local specialties that you can't normally eat, etc.

We will continue to meet our customers' expectations regarding food.


hot spring

The view from the hot springs standing on the shore of the waves captivates travelers.
The ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, and Sanshiro Island floats in front of you.

Enjoy the open-air bath by the water while enjoying the sound of the rustic beach and the sea breeze.

It's a hot spring that sounds like a hidden bath by the sea.
Release the fatigue of your body and mind into nature,

You can enjoy a relaxing holiday that can only be experienced here.

View of Dogashima

Recommended plan

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