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About Seiryu

A superb holiday on Dogashima.

With spectacular views and Nishi-Izu hospitality,

We will do our best to help you with your trip.

Dogashima's coastal beauty, with its magnificent cliffs and small islands covered with old trees, is the best in Western Izu.
The ``clear stream'' was built so that you can fully experience this spectacular view.

The entrance facing the road is actually on the 5th floor of the building. From there, the structure descends downward along the quay. There is nothing to stand in between you and the beautiful sunset slowly setting on the horizon.
You can enjoy this view not only from the restaurant and public bath, but also from most of the guest rooms.

At the bottom, closest to the shore of the waves, is the ``seaside open-air bath.''
Many customers are surprised by the closeness, which makes them unusable when the waves are rough.

During the day, in the evening, at night... I hope you will experience a surprising sense of freedom.

Nishiizu illustration
Location and construction method
for you to feel
without leaving anything behind
Spectacular views of Nishiizu Dogashima
welcome drink
Take a breather
welcome drink
In the lobby with a nice view
What relieves the fatigue of a long journey

The first thing that surprises guests after checking in is the view from the hotel's lobby.
You can enjoy the best location, where the sky and sea are bright blue during the day, and the colors change depending on the season at dusk.
Enjoy a welcome drink here upon arrival.
We offer seasonal original drinks such as New Summer orange juice and turnip tea.

*Currently suspended to prevent coronavirus infection.

Help with your journey
remain in your heart
In an unpretentious atmosphere
Experience the spirit of travel with a colorful yukata
Illustration of a person wearing a kimono

Would you like to enjoy the atmosphere of a hot spring?
We will lend a colorful yukata set (including a yukata, obi, and geta) to the ladies, and an original jinbei to the gentlemen. When you arrive at your accommodation, please choose your yukata. Seiryu has a wide variety of stylish yukatas for women, so you're sure to find one that suits you. Both are available for 500 yen (tax included) per person.

Sea bream miso soup
Even more fun after taking a bath
A blissful time unique to a hot spring inn
Wake up in the morning bath

A "morning bath" that you can't experience on a day trip to a hot spring.
In addition, miso soup with sea bream is available at the post-bath area. Even if you take a refreshing bath in the morning, you still can't get sleepy...This is irresistible for people like that! This is a masterpiece that you will become addicted to.
Also, although it is not in the morning, there are also times when you can enjoy beer after taking a bath. After working up a sweat, this cold drink is sure to soak into your body.

beer illustration
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