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A superb holiday on Dogashima.

With spectacular views and Nishi-Izu hospitality,

We will do our best to help you with your trip.

city of sunset

Dogashima's tombolo phenomenon

``Mysterious thromboembolism'' designated as a natural monument

The tombolo phenomenon is a phenomenon in which land and islands that are normally separated by the sea

This is a phenomenon that occurs on the ocean floor when the sun rises during low tide.
The tombolo phenomenon on Sanshiro Island in Dogashima, Nishiizu is one of the few mysterious and moving scenes in Japan.
Sanshiro Island is right in front of our hotel! You can see this view from your room, the building, and the bathroom.
There is nothing to block it. Please take a look at this impressive scenery!

Spectacular view of Izu Dogashima to the west


A time of excitement and shock, unforgettable scenery

This is all the coastal scenery you can see on Dogashima.
This moving and shocking location is the best surprise for travelers.
The colors of this landscape change depending on the season and the weather, but this is also the feeling of the four seasons that can be enjoyed in the clear stream.
Please enjoy the excitement that can only be seen at that time and place.

Nishiizu tourist information

Nishiizu has a healing place that travelers seek out.

Nishi-Izu, a city famous throughout the country for its sunsets, has many things to see and do.
Literally located on the west coast of the Izu Peninsula, it is crowded with many beachgoers every summer.
Also, due to the influence of the Kuroshio current, Nishi-Izu has a warm climate, and you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes.

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