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May your travels be soft and peaceful.
Please choose your own "relaxation".

In-house information

Clear stream floor plan

Floor plan of the building

lobby lounge

I promise you a wonderful holiday
A spectacular view that will make you forget time

The first thing that surprises guests after checking in is the view from the hotel's lobby.
You can enjoy the best location, where the sky and sea are bright blue during the day, and the colors change depending on the season at dusk. Enjoy a welcome drink here upon arrival. We offer seasonal original drinks.

*Free Wi-Fi is available in the lobby.

*Currently suspended to prevent coronavirus infection.

Pure Japanese-style interior


banquet hall


Large banquet hall (120 tatami, can be divided into 3), Medium banquet hall (80 tatami, can be divided into 3),

We have 3 small banquet halls (16 tatami mats) available.
From group banquets to small banquets, we can accommodate a variety of customer requests and banquet courses.

Responding to various requests and courses

Club "Yunagi" / Dinner restaurant "Nawanoren"

Appearance of clear stream
Inside the purely Japanese-style building
In colored yukata and jinbei
Moist and relaxing

The spacious lobby becomes the club "Yunagi" at night.
You can spend a special time getting drunk on delicious sake with the background music of the tide.
Also, after drinking, you may feel a little hungry...

When you feel that way, please use Nawa Noren, a late-night restaurant.

Noren illustration
Cheers with cocktails
in a nice location

The entrance visible from the road is on the 5th floor of the inn.

The structure is such that you take an elevator down to the inside of the building.
When you return home, why not take a commemorative photo in front of the entrance?
The shop (souvenir corner) is lined with specialty products from Nishiizu Dogashima. Enjoy dried fish and salted fish as memories of your trip!

How about a commemorative photo?
On the way home
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