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New plan now on sale ♪ Great deals on weekdays for everyone! [For students only] Make fun memories! A boatload! hot spring! yukata! Student support plan

Limited to students! This is a support plan created with students in mind as they spend their time on a luxurious hot spring trip with spectacular views! (^^)!

Seafood dishes and boat platters rich in seafood unique to Izu! hot spring! Take a commemorative photo in a stylish yukata! This is a student support travel plan at a luxurious hot spring where you can enjoy a spectacular view.

~Plan details~

◆ Full of volume! Seaside cuisine served on a platter (13 dishes)

◆Free rental of playing cards, board games, etc.

◆Gift a photo at the commemorative photo shoot! (Of course, release the shutter on your smartphone)

◆Free rental of stylish yukata for female customers! Enjoy hot spring fashion


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