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[R5] Announcement of the second round of Nishiizu town accommodation campaign

Autumn trip to the city with the best sunset in Japan with great coupons
Sunset at Dogashima

[Up to 8,000 yen discount]

Rakuten Travel & Jalan accommodation coupon

Very popular coupons that can be used at accommodations in Nishiizu Town

Published by Rakuten Travel and Jalan net.

This coupon can be used for stays from September onwards.

After the busy summer season, you can enjoy a slightly calmer trip.

Please use coupons to enjoy your trip.

Coupon types and terms of use

There are two types of coupons: 5,000 yen discount and 8,000 yen discount

Accommodation fee (tax included) Coupon

15,000 yen or more → 5,000 yen

24,000 yen or more → 8,000 yen

*Applicable for 2 or more guests

Coupon distribution periodRakuten Travel: 2023/8/7 (Mon) - 2023/10/31 (Tue)Jalan: 2023/8/8 (Tue) ~ 2023/10/31 (Tue)

Accommodation periodAll from 2023/9/1 (Fri) to 2023/10/31 (Tue)

For details, please check the "Nishiizu Town Tourism Association" website below.

All of our staff are looking forward to your visit.


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